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His (D.A.Suresh) father D.B.Appiah born in the year 1932, September 14th is retired as Superintendent, Government Observation Home, Erode. He learnt Astrology and the calculation of preparation of Panchangas from his father D.S.B. Sastry. He was awarded the title of 'Jothir Booshanam" from the prince of Thanjavur Palace. He served as honourary astrologer to the Prince of Thanjavur. He is a registered Homeopath Practioner. He specialized in the field of Medical Astrology.

His (D.A.Suresh) Grandfather D.S.Balasubramania Sastrigal born in the year 1895,July 23rd and Kanchi Periyava Studied together in Gurukula Vasam. He learnt Vedas, Upanishaths, and he was a Triple Sironmani in Sanskrit in those days. He studied under Brahmasree Thirumalacharyar of Thiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur District. At the age of 19 he was appointed as Asthana Vidwan of Kollangod, Kerala. As per the instructions of his father, Valangaiman D.Sundara Josier, he joined as a teacher in Central Jail of Madras Province and retired as Headmaster. He learnt around 14 languages. He served as honourary Palace Astronomer of Thanjavur. He was a Ayurvedic Sironmani. He was the first translator of MOOKAPANCHASATI SLOKAS of Goddesses KAMAKSHI AMMAN into Tamil in the year 1941 with the blessings of Mahaperiyava, of Kanchi. He has written books with respect to philosophy, Mantras and yanthras.


We are having the No.28 Pambhu Panchang from the year 1861 A.D. to 1946 A.D. We are having the Sahasranaamam for Lord Mahamaariamman in manuscript. We are having the pooja methods for worshipping Lord Daththreya as per Dattopanishad. My grandfather had written Adishesha Sahasranaamam, Navagraha Samashti Archana, Subramanya Dandakam, Kamaakshi Panchasati. These are all very old and most powerful pooja methods to ward off evil aspects, financial improvement, getting mental peace etc. We are having a collection of old coins pertaining to the period 1835 A.D.

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