Nadi Jothida Thilagam
He was born on 22-June-1958, and a post graduate in Commerce. He hailed from the holy town of Thanjavur. He worked as an Accountant in a multinational firm and visited Kuwait also. Later he took up Astrology as a whole time profession and following the footsteps of his ancestors.

He learnt astrology from his grandfather Bramhasree D.S.Balasubramania Sastrigal at the tender age of seven. He is the seventh generation astrologer. He is independently practicing the art of predictive astrology from the age of fifteen. He knows Indian system, Western system, KP method of Astrology, Prasna marga, Techniques of Nadi astrology, Numerology and Vasthu. On seeing his hand, Dr R.G.Rao told that he is having a trishool rekha which reveals the karmic factor of individuals by the Grace of Supreme Mother. He was awarded the title of “Nadi Jothida Thilakam” on 25-05-2002 by Dr R.G.Rao of Bangalore. He learnt the secrets of nadi palmistry and hora shasthra of Maharishi Kashyapa from Dr.R.G.Rao. He initiated a manthraa to him.
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