1) Casting of horoscopes

2) Predicting horoscopes

  • General prediction
  • Varshapal prediction
  • Dasa bukthi predictions
  • Predicting Market Forecast

3) Matching of horoscopes

4) Fixing Auspicious date & time for Upanayanam, Marriages, Grahapravesam, Starting of Business etc.

5) Pariharams to reduce sufferings

6) Conducting Astrological Classes

7) Conducting all types of poojas

8) Conducting all types of Homas

9) Gem Recommendation

10) Vasthu Consultation



By tradition, we are performing poojas to Lord Sri Balagurunatha Swami. As per the Dhyana Sloka, he found out the true picture of Lord Sri Balagurunatha Swami and he compiled the Pooja procedures also. As per the procedure we are conducting poojas. This Gurunathaswaamy is worshipped as a Kula Devathaa ( Family Deity ) by most of the Telugu speaking community.


By tradition we are performing the above Avarana Pooja for the welfare of the society. By performing the above poojas, the previous birth karma, puthra dhosha, Kalathra Dhosha, Removal of Black Magic etc., were eradicated. As for as our knowledge goes, we are the only person performing the above poojas according to the strict principles.


We are performing Ganapathi, Navagraha, Vasthu, Sudharsana, Mrithunjaya. Sathru samhara, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Dhanvanthri, Sri sooktham, Purusha Sooktham Homas etc.,

god muruga
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